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Missing my son
June 30, 2006, Friday,2:03 pm
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All parents know eventually their children will become adults and leave the nest. There are variations on how this is done and sometimes a little nudge is required. My “baby” left for an extended time to work in another country. He is having a great time (one assumes) and apparently doesn’t need money (no frantic call yet) and isn’t the least homesick.

I, however, miss his voice, his laugh, his teasing and his presence. I find myself tearing up when least expected. Sigh. Time to take up an unusual hobby or run a marathon. I doubt it will ease the pain in my heart.

Too Hot
June 23, 2006, Friday,1:47 am
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The past weekend was illuminating. Southern Cal drivers drive very fast and the smallest of spaces between cars are just enough to squeeze in. Wow. We could learn something from them. Only once was I not allowed to move over when I really needed to. All other times, no one tried to squeeze me out. The weather was very warm, even in La Jolla. Ramona and Escondido were hot, too hot for me. Our visit to the San Diego Zoo was okay and the sunscreen did it's job.

Best of all, was watching my son graduate on Saturday. Tears all around.

Off to San Diego
June 15, 2006, Thursday,5:47 pm
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As I mentioned yesterday, my son will graduate this weekend, so I'm off to mark the occasion and will be back to post more on my return. The weekend weather should be great for the garden–toasty warm.

Proud parents
June 14, 2006, Wednesday,11:13 pm
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I am not alone this time of year in celebrating the joy of graduation for a son, but I must be one of the proudest out there. He is standing on the threshold of a new chapter in his life, the work world. I know he will be find a fulfilling career path. Congratulations to all the graduates of 2006!

Game Over(load)
June 11, 2006, Sunday,8:22 pm
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I have been watching way too much sports! With the World Cup going on and baseball ever-present, it is hard to turn it off.

I fear that I have over-planted the tomatoes in a genuine effort to have a few great red ones (and yellow) for my efforts. The little yellow cherries are turning and some of the bigger plants are growing wildly. Hope is in my heart.