Watermelon Woman

Yellow tomatoes!
July 28, 2006, Friday,4:12 am
Filed under: Vegetables

Yum! I’m eating cherry, yellow tomatoes right off the vine. And the farmer’s market is brimming with huge tomatoes, luscious berries and just about any green you could want. I’m in veggie heaven!

Tomato envy
July 12, 2006, Wednesday,2:19 am
Filed under: Family, Vegetables

I have it. I confess to all. Tomato envy. My sister’s plants are dark, massively thick with so many maturing tomatoes. What a beautiful sight. My plants, on the other hand, have little redeeming value so far. Even my cherry tomatoes which will generally grow no matter where they are, are straggily and with leaves turning yellow. I used good soil, added compost and other good stuff. So what gives? A pest of some sort? Even my squash looks cranky–all grey and spotted. I may be forced to steal from my sister. 😉