Watermelon Woman

Orange Zest
January 24, 2007, Wednesday,5:25 pm
Filed under: Vegetables

I managed to pick my oranges before the frosts we have had in sunny California. Well, the oranges on the lower branches. I have been eating and giving away these slightly tart Navels. I am not a big orange juice drinker so I haven’t frozen the juice. I’m still working on that zest though. Not finding too much damage.

“Lady” apples
January 14, 2007, Sunday,4:04 am
Filed under: Gardening

I’m looking for an heritage apple called “Lady”. It is also referred to as “Christmas apple”. This variety was originally from France. I found them at a local farmer’s market and was amazed by the size (tiny) and the flavor. They make great snacks!

Holiday visit
January 14, 2007, Sunday,3:43 am
Filed under: Family

All my young’uns were here during the holidays so I was in mom heaven!