Watermelon Woman

Summer Garden
June 2, 2007, Saturday,8:08 pm
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I have unfortunately become one of the bloggers that stopped posting for a long time. I’m not sure anyone cares, but I will try to do better.

Work and family have been keeping me pre-occupied with a marriage, party, big projects etc. It was May before I had the chance to plant my summer garden.

I probably overdid the tomatoes but I have such problems with ants that I bought double the amount I would normally so that some might survive and give me ‘maters. Most are heritage, red and yellow and striped. Also, for the first time, I am trying sunflowers. One has a bud already!

As I called this blog Watermelon Woman, I had to grow some melons. Several melons. We will see how I do. Rounding out the garden are sweet peppers, bush beans and squash. In pots for now are two citrus, Mardarin Orange and Meyer Lemon. Also my pomegranate is still in a pot. I cannot make up my mind where to plant it but I really want to have my own.

I resorted to a wire fence all winter long to keep the dog out of the veggie area. It worked well and I need to keep it up so the plants are not trampled or pooped upon. I amended the soil with manure and compost twice. This really kept the weeds down to manageable levels. I weeded just after a rain when it was easy to pull them.

I will try for photos later.

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