Watermelon Woman

June 23, 2007, Saturday,5:36 pm
Filed under: Gardening, Vegetables, watermelons

The garden is progressing nicely. I have lost a few green bean plants and one tomato but I had planted extra just in case. The sunflowers are about 4 feet tall and make me smile every time I look at them. The watermelons have established themselves and are expanding. Even if I get one melon from the 6 plants I will be happy. There are many green tomatoes and one is already turning.

On another side of the garden, I am planning an asparagus bed as well as artichokes. First I have to clear the weeds, fix my water source, compost,  etc. As this is behind a retaining wall, the dog cannot get access to the area.  Also on the agenda is adding some mulch to other areas of behind the retaining wall and perhaps some planting as well. This is the spouse’s area so we have to agree. hmmm. Wish me luck.