Watermelon Woman

July 3, 2008, Thursday,6:02 pm
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Yikes, I thought high 90’s was hot. No sister, try 115. Palm Springs is very hot in July. I can’t image what it will get to in August, 120?   It is hard to move at all. Getting into a card is hazardous. You would give your soul for a tree or overhung under which to park. We went up 5000 feet to escape for a day. Iydlewild is about an hour away from Palm Springs, on a scenic road trip. Lovely.  Leaving tomorrow for blissfully cool at 75-85 and dipping into the 40’s at night. Yes!

I’m missing my garden but have family to watch over it. The weather has been in low 70’s at home so there will probably not be too much growth by the time we reach home.