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Vegetables as Art
November 25, 2008, Tuesday,8:13 pm
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Chinese artist Ju Duoqi’s “Pea-casso” in Veggies

I would love to see this close up.

found via MAKE

More tomatoes
November 24, 2008, Monday,2:34 pm
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Well, I was supposed to pull all my tomatoes this past weekend but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I am still getting a few ‘maters and the vines look good. Weather has been amazingly (even freakishly) warm and reports are that this will continue into December.

I am appreciative that I don’t need the heat on yet, but I do think it is better to start the rain and snow for the mountains otherwise next year will be critical in turns of water usage.

Speaking of broccoli, one of my plants has a little bud on it. Sugar peas are growing, as are sweet peas and some of the mixed greens.

Computer woes–lost my hard drive and everything on it. Fortunately not too much. sigh.

November 11, 2008, Tuesday,11:46 pm
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I had not planned on pruning the two climbing roses that are located in our side yard that leads to the back gate. However, the wire mesh that was holding the bush let go under the weight of the rose branches.

Together with my spouse, we carefully nailed enough of the mesh to the fence so that I could go back and prune out and lighten the load. I opted to prune back quite a bit so that I could give the branches room to go and in the direction of my choosing. I filled the recycling bin to the top and over. I will feel the pain tomorrow.

The neighbor planted a very fast growing tree right against the fence. Many, many leaves fall over onto my side. It is a good news, bad news case. I have to clean up the mess but I can keep the leaves for mulch or the compost bin. The wind generally blows in the direction of my house, so I get lots of leaves! I spent some more time raking up the leaves and putting them in a planting bed.

Apples to pick
November 9, 2008, Sunday,1:04 am
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It is a dreary-looking day with spits and starts of misty rain. I was mostly out window shopping for a birthday gift but I was happy to catch my brother in his shop. We had a great chat and solved most of the world’s problems 😉 He has a son in Iraq so that is something that the family remembers day-to-day.

Back home, I decided to pick some more of my apples. The tree is about 30 years old and has three varieties of green apples–sour, moderately sour and very sour. Well, perhaps not quite that bad. These latest pickings are acutally edible and should make a nice pie.

My carrots and greens are happy with the weather. Same for the broccoli. I finally pulled my pepper plants (all 3 that were left) so I have room for more carrots. I’m thinking that I’ll do a couple of other root plants, maybe parsnips and beets. I also need to transplant the horseradish to a larger pot.

I pulled bunches of weeds and a tree growing where it shouldn’t be and almost filled the recycle bin. Since it had been raining and the ground was still wet-ish, the pulling wasn’t too difficult.

It has started to rain a little harder now although we are not expecting much rain total. Thoughts on dinner include soup (I have cooked chicken from last night), chicken with noodles/rice and I have a nice winter squash to cook.

Weekends are now the only time that I can see my garden. It is dark when I leave the house for work and dark when I get home. Must be day-light savings time. Not sure whose is getting the daylight.

My son in Japan sent me a couple of photos of watermelon of the usual type. Funny and expensive. $500.

Melon in a Japanese shop

Melon in a Japanese shop

A close-up

A close-up

Really, really local
November 1, 2008, Saturday,8:23 pm
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There’s a lot of talk about buying locally. Many people are getting as local as possible by growing their own in their front or back yards, in containers and hydroponically. Makes me feel good when I can eat food from my own garden.