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A time to be born and a time …
January 29, 2009, Thursday,5:56 pm
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My brother died yesterday.

It is strange how time somehow seems different when there is a deep loss. I’m in a bubble and everything appears distorted. And I am sad. The last time I saw him was at his wife’s funeral several months ago.

I will plant something in his honor once I have had time to think about what will be most appropriate.

January 24, 2009, Saturday,10:39 pm
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I’m planning a Victory/Liberty/Locivore garden.

I’ve always had some type of veggies growing, but this year I am expanding. Why?

  1. One, I am saving money,
  2. I am providing the family organic, tasty foods,
  3. I am making an environmental and political statement. Environmental because the cost of energy from garden to house is from my own body and it doesn’t use any fossil fuels.
  4. Political because eating local is a political act that tells agri-business that a more sustainable way of producing food is best.

Last year I started many plants from seed and will do so again this year. If you have never grown from seed, I encourage you to give it a try. What fun it is to see the circle of life in one tiny seed. And, don’t try for perfection. Don’t worry about making mistakes because every spring or fall you have a do-over. Nature is a little chaotic so don’t sweat the small stuff.

The web has a bountiful harvest of niche blogs, forums, businesses,  news feeds, microblogging, you name it, gardeners do it. A whole community of people who eat, sleep, dream and talk gardening. Sharing comes naturally to gardeners. Whether it is talking about the weather or bringing yet more zucchini’s to the neighbor or giving help, seeking encouragement or figuring out what to grow in your area, it is all part of being a gardener.

Sharing the information becomes easier with the available technologies. I love the fact that there are quirky, funny blogs along with information and amazing photographs. There is truly something for everyone on the web and in the garden.

So where do I go for my information on gardening. Glad you asked! Starting with directories, I will share some of my personal favorites places to go for all things gardening.

Garden Directories

Cyndi’s catalog of garden catalogs

My Garden Guide

Gardening Launchpad

Gardening Places

Horticulture on the Internet

next time . . . garden magazines

Currently reading:

Fresh food from small spaces by R.J. Ruppenthal

Back, weeds and rain
January 24, 2009, Saturday,2:29 am
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The rain has been coming down this week. This is a good thing. Part of last weekend was spent on putting back in place those parts of the yard that were removed while the fence was put up. My tellised roses in the front and moving the dh’s miscellaneous stuff that ended up in my garden.

During this process I managed to throw out my back a little. By a little, I mean it hurt enough for me to stop my weeding and clean-up but not enough to force me to bed. So, I am behind in weeding, but with the rain this week and very little sun, I should be able to continue this weekend and the weeding will be easier with the soil so wet.

I got my David Austin rose catalog in the mail this week. Oh my. Temptation galore! I thinking of getting 3-5 bareroots in the peachy/orange hues and hoping to limit myself to that as I don’t have that much room. I may get some hedge type to place in front of the fence that has a climbing rose. I will report.

New Fence
January 19, 2009, Monday,11:35 pm
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The recent wind storm resulted in downed back fence. We had to replace the 30-year-old (or more) fence. Once that was done, the neighbor asked us if we wanted to re-do the side fence between our homes. Here are the results. You can see my garden area as well.

New Fence

New Fence

Side fence

Side fence

Close-up of fence

Close-up of fence

Seed order
January 17, 2009, Saturday,6:00 pm
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A kid in the candy store, I want everything. But, I managed to limit myself. I’m not sure I’m done buying seeds but here is what I’ve ordered from Baker Creek Seeds:

Royalty Purple Pod
Scarlet Runner
Broad Windsor
Ozark Razorback
Old Timer/Purple Hull Speckled
Extra dward Pak Choy
Collards- Georgia Southern Creole
Long Scarlet
Squash & Pumpkin
Rouge Vif d’Etampes
Musquee de Provence
Pipian from Tuxpan
Royal Hillbilly
Striped Roman
Royal Golden

Back to work
January 12, 2009, Monday,3:12 pm
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The wind started early this morning and has been howling. Nice day to go back to work. It is supposed to be near 70 degrees so complaining is not allowed considering what many in the country are suffering through. I will be out picking up all the bits and pieces that have flown around the yard.

Going home
January 10, 2009, Saturday,3:07 pm
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We leave snow country in about an hour. We had a nice ride yesterday to a small valley area that has a resort/restaurant that is just darling. We ate quiche, soup and salad. Very good. The resort is a collection of small cabins, some on the hill side, others by the river. It is very quiet and peaceful.

The resident cat (a Maine Coon, I believe) walked guests to and fro. This cat was huge. It was fun to watch as she (he?) strutted about 3 yards in front of a couple, turning and checking every few steps to make sure that the man and woman were following.

The summit might have ice but since there hasn’t been any snow for a week now, I doubt we will have to deal with chains. We will be ready after about 2 hours on the road to stop and eat breakfast, then on to the Bay.


I’m very much not ready for work on Monday.

More photos
January 10, 2009, Saturday,1:05 am
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Virginia City Cemetery









Sunny and Windy
January 9, 2009, Friday,2:45 am
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The snow is melting here as the temperatures have been as high as 63 degrees on the Carson Valley floor. Of course, most of the clothing brought along are snow-related. Today got very windy at 10,000 feet and has been all day.

I found a great quilt store in Gardnerville. It is very roomy, having expanded to add more space for workshops. The shop is called The Quilt House. On the Kingsbury grade (Hwy 207) there is another shop that I always pop into when in the area. This one is called Fabrics Unlimited.  It is cozier than the Quilt House, but the staff are helpful and friendly and their are books galore.

As we drive along, I look for nurseries and garden shops but there are fewer and fewer it seems. There was a small chain store very near my house which  closed recently. I must now travel 20 minutes or 40 minutes for a full service gardening center. It is almost as hard to find good gardening magazines anywhere, including the garden centers. I will have to brake down and subscribe to a few.

Now, on to trying to upload my photos, which I will post here if successful. [Update: partial success–see photos below]

[rockyou id=130336840&w=341&h=113]

Snow Country
January 6, 2009, Tuesday,6:02 pm
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Snow country is melting. No snow in the forecast for this week. It makes our travel easier but the snow is why we come, eh? All photos are either mine or my dh’s.

View of the lake

View of the lake