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January 24, 2009, Saturday,10:39 pm
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I’m planning a Victory/Liberty/Locivore garden.

I’ve always had some type of veggies growing, but this year I am expanding. Why?

  1. One, I am saving money,
  2. I am providing the family organic, tasty foods,
  3. I am making an environmental and political statement. Environmental because the cost of energy from garden to house is from my own body and it doesn’t use any fossil fuels.
  4. Political because eating local is a political act that tells agri-business that a more sustainable way of producing food is best.

Last year I started many plants from seed and will do so again this year. If you have never grown from seed, I encourage you to give it a try. What fun it is to see the circle of life in one tiny seed. And, don’t try for perfection. Don’t worry about making mistakes because every spring or fall you have a do-over. Nature is a little chaotic so don’t sweat the small stuff.

The web has a bountiful harvest of niche blogs, forums, businesses,  news feeds, microblogging, you name it, gardeners do it. A whole community of people who eat, sleep, dream and talk gardening. Sharing comes naturally to gardeners. Whether it is talking about the weather or bringing yet more zucchini’s to the neighbor or giving help, seeking encouragement or figuring out what to grow in your area, it is all part of being a gardener.

Sharing the information becomes easier with the available technologies. I love the fact that there are quirky, funny blogs along with information and amazing photographs. There is truly something for everyone on the web and in the garden.

So where do I go for my information on gardening. Glad you asked! Starting with directories, I will share some of my personal favorites places to go for all things gardening.

Garden Directories

Cyndi’s catalog of garden catalogs

My Garden Guide

Gardening Launchpad

Gardening Places

Horticulture on the Internet

next time . . . garden magazines

Currently reading:

Fresh food from small spaces by R.J. Ruppenthal


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