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Waiting for March 8
February 19, 2009, Thursday,8:16 pm
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Why you ask am I waiting for March 8th? I am so tired of leaving going to work in the dawn and getting home at twilight. Daylight savings starts on March 8th. This means an hour more of daylight in the evening to do gardening or just be outside. It’s been gloomy. We do have a break in the rain until Saturday night so maybe the seeds will be started and weeds weeded.

Last weeks rain was amazing. We had standing water and mud everywhere. I don’t think I have ever seen it quite this pronounced ever. Drying out will take a while.

More stress
February 12, 2009, Thursday,9:44 am
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To use a cliche, when it rains, it pours. A week after my brother’s passing, I found myself sitting in an emergency room with my husband. He is fine now but he spent a night in the hospital and a day of tests. The stress levels do rise sharply. It has been raining off and on now for a few days so staring out the window has been the extent of my gardening.

Tomorrow starts a 4-day house and garden expo near here. I plan to go on the first day as everyone working there will be fresh and excited rather than tired and just waiting for the day to end. Even though it is called “house and garden”, I suspect most exhibitors will be contractors for windows, landscaping, and remodeling rather than true gardening. My favorite garden nursery will be there however, so there is hope of seeing plants.

I’ve managed to pick a handful of sweetpeas that are bravely blooming in the cold, rainy weather. There are many blooms about to open as well. Tonight there may be a freeze so I will have to move the pot under the patio cover along with the orange and lemon tree pots. Brrrr.

Soreness is settling in
February 7, 2009, Saturday,8:08 pm
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Oh yes. After weeding for a long while, I’m sure the soreness will be with me for at least 36 hours. It is still a good feeling to have done most of the veggie patch weeding. I still have some asparagus to plant and maybe the potatoes. It will be raining more this week which is great for weeding, less so for planting. We desperately need the rain so no complaints.

February 6, 2009, Friday,6:25 pm
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Yes! Planted my two apple bareroots. In the rain. Got muddy. It was fun. The rain is supposed to stop tomorrow so hopefully the weeding that really, really needs tending can happen.

February 6, 2009, Friday,8:35 am
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We had a great get-together on Thursday with family from out of state and local. Everyone was there for services for my oldest brother. Afterward we went to lunch and talked and talked and talked. Some family I hadn’t seen in 20 years so there was a lot of catch-up to be done. Children that were babies were on their way to being teens and others seemed much older than they should.

All of us were pointedly aware of the time passing and passing quickly for all of us. We, my brother and sisters, are the “old” people now as our parents are not living anymore. I understand more than ever why it is so hard to do genealogy studies when you don’t or can’t stay in touch with cousins and second-cousins plus in-laws and exes. The lesson is: write it down, label photos, copy source material and give it out to siblings. Start at home and what you know and get that down for your immediate family, then broaden to other members.

Now if I can only take my own advice.

Apple order
February 3, 2009, Tuesday,1:28 pm
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I am awaiting the arrival of two apple bareroot trees ordered on Monday. The one I am most excited about is the Lady apple (aka Christmas apple, Api) France 1600. This apple is shaped somewhat like the Peach Donut. Small, squat and perfect for a lunch box.

The second is called Pink Sparkle (Pink Pearmain) from California. It is also small with a pinkish center. I will need to keep them small (unlike my 30-year old, triple variety tree) and manageable.

These were purchased from Trees of Antiquity.

February 2, 2009, Monday,6:07 pm
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I planted a Donut Peach tree on Sunday. Digging a big hole got out some frustration and stress from the past few days.

The plan is to work the peach tree in an espalier. I have always enjoyed the look and doing an espalier will give me added space for other plantings. There is still a Lady apple that I want. It is very hard to find them as they are rare and there are not many nurseries that grow them.