Watermelon Woman

Pix Day
March 18, 2009, Wednesday,6:55 pm
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Donut Peach

Donut Peach



Garden Cart

Garden Cart

SF Flower and Garden Show
March 17, 2009, Tuesday,6:21 pm
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I had been looking forward to going to the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show but as it turns out, I will be out of town on the Saturday that I would be able to attend. Drat. Unless someone takes over the business, this will be the last year.  I can’t image the amount of work involved in pulling together this monster event.


On a happier note, my new Donut Peach is in glorious pink bloom along with white apricot blossoms. My SweetPeas are still producing red, blue, purple, and white flowers and yes, they smell heavenly.

Seeds planted
March 13, 2009, Friday,9:10 pm
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Last Sunday I finally started my seeds. Tomatoes, crooked neck, zucchini, watermelon, pumpkin and winter squash. I found organic tomato plants at Costco on Wednesday that I couldn’t pass up, so I planted them after work.There is massive weeding to be done still.

Thinking about Weather
March 1, 2009, Sunday,2:59 pm
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backyard-0651I heard that Texas has mostly 90 degree temperatures today. That’s a little warm for March, isn’t it? Anyway, I’ve been thinking about weather lately. Not specifically what is happening outside, but the idea of weather and how it impacts our lives. For those of us that watch the Weather Channel when there is nothing else on, we are captivated by rain, sleet and snow; hurricanes and tornadoes; droughts and tsnamis.

Is there a connection that goes back to our earliest human times? I think so. We don’t control the weather. It can be our friend for fruits and veggies but also the savage and relentless god that comes in the form of ghastly weather. Farmers and ranchers are more in tune with the weather and its potential than the average city dweller. Dry farming relies on whatever rain comes to the fields for water.

Many animals migrate to the rhythm of the changing seasons. Or hibernate during the cold winter months such as the bears do. Only the human tries to ignore or even control the impact of weather on their lives. We can dress ourselves warmly or cooly. The same with our homes. But there in the back of our minds, we know that “mother nature” can patiently wait for the time and place to rip our confidence way with the wind, rain or flood.

We even talk about “earthquake weather”. Dismissed by scientists as old tales, the fact that we have named it such, says something about the way we perceive weather and our environment. I do wish we could have weather that would predict a quake. Here in California it would be a miracle.

As I write, the wind and rain still claim the day as winter. But there are buds on many of the trees and the promise of spring is here.