Watermelon Woman

May 12, 2009, Tuesday,7:09 am
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Tomorrow is the day I find out what kind of chemotherapy I will have. I want to get going but am scared silly as well. There is a chance that I won’t be sick with the chemo and my not lose my hair. I don’t really care about the hair. If I can work and not be sick I will consider myself lucky. If I don’t need more surgery as well.

I am building up my exercise time, walking the neighborhood with either my husband or son. Being a fast walker, it has been hard to slow down to a pace that allows for length of time rather than speed.

The mental effort to stay positive is never-ending. I can do it when around others, it when everyone leaves that it is difficult. I read this and feel quite pathetic and whiney.

The roses are amazing at the moment and the bouquets they make are lovely. The donut peach has tiny little peaches and the apple trees are leafing out. Oh, and the weeds are going like…well you know.