Watermelon Woman

August 25, 2009, Tuesday,7:52 pm
Filed under: health, ovarian cancer

Good news. Latest test (CA-125) was in the low normal range. Not zero, but close. I have one more chemo in the series so it could go down even more. I’m not out of the woods by any means. Tests every 3 months, CT scans, listening to my body for anything not quite right.

Last chemo is going to be harder, I’m told. More nausea and fatigue are possible with the change in one of the drugs. I can deal. Knowing that I can start growing hair on my head keeps me up!

On the gardening front, ¬†practically all my plants have vanished these past five months. No veggies. I think all my fruit trees that are not planted in the ground are dead or dying. I’m expecting to have enough energy to get ready for Fall about mid- to late October. Another chance to grow fall/winter greens and some flowers, I hope.