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What’s next
September 26, 2009, Saturday,8:59 am
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On the health front, I’ve had another CA-125 with a level of 11. That is very good. Being the perfectionist I really wanted “0” but below 35 is supposed to be “normal”. My CT looked good as well. So, in 3 months I will see the doctor again, another CA-125 and then in March another CT.

It is strange to begin a “regular” life again. The nurse said that was a similar reaction to others finishing their chemo. I feel like I’m hanging out with no support. That isn’t true of course but it is what it is.  I had been under the impression that my hair would start to grow in 4-8 weeks but the nurse said 8-16 and about 4-5 months until I have maybe an inch of hair. Not at all what I wanted to hear so I will learn patience and be grateful that waiting for hair is the only problem I am dealing with so far.

My sister’s surgery went well and her lymph nodes are clear. There are more tests but it is looking good.

Garden of Invention
September 22, 2009, Tuesday,6:40 pm
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Garden of Invention: Luther Burbank and the Business of Breeding Plants by Jane S. Smith, 2009. Part history, part biography, Garden of Invention brings to life the story of how Luther Burbank became one of the few agricultural icons of America. He had the right interest at the precise time American agriculture business was looking for new products and consumers were wanting more choices as well.

I’m not finished with the book but if it continues as it has so far, I recommend adding to your garden reading list.

Fall planning
September 8, 2009, Tuesday,6:43 pm
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I am quite hopeful that I will be able to work in the garden soon. I have some gift bulbs to plant as well as winter greens. The garden isn’t too weedy at this point as I haven’t watered the area. As soon as the rain begins, that will change. I already have compost and soil to add to the raised beds.

There really hasn’t been any summer yet here although mid-September to mid-October is our hottest time. It is also the major fire season which started very early this year. I expect lots of el Nino rain later this winter. I won’t care if I can actually feel like working on growing something!

6 out of 6
September 4, 2009, Friday,8:18 am
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Congratulations to me! I have now finished the sixth and final chemo! My numbers are good. I will have a baseline CT and then go on with my life. Check-ups of course and careful monitoring but I can look forward to growing back my hair and having more energy. Not only was my last chemo yesterday, it was also my birthday. I won’t ever forget the date anyway!