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Sage, rosemary & thyme
December 24, 2009, Thursday,6:54 am
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For my son and daughter-in-law I made a very large pot of three blackberry starts as well as another pot full of sage, rosemary and thyme–no strawberries though πŸ˜‰

I think they liked the idea anyway of the plants although I’m not sure if at this point with a new house and all, that they wanted the added “pressure” of something else to take care of. LOL Anyway, no pressure from me, I just wanted them to have something that might get them out of the house once in a while and in the dirt. We will see.

Silly me, tried a new face cream about a week ago, still red and pealing with no end in sight. Boy do I look a mess. Swollen eye lids, cheeks, forehead. If I didn’t have to go to work everyday the situation might be considered funny. No so much when I must face everyone who have politely ignored the obvious problem. Still doing the “live and learn” thing. In other news, I’m more than ready to shed my wig and face the world with my new but still very short hair. At least I was until my face blew up. Now I will wait until I look a little more human. The wig has bangs which hide at least some of the mess. LOL

Anniversary Brunch
December 20, 2009, Sunday,11:01 am
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We are off to Mimi’s for a brunch with family in celebration of our anniversary. Tomorrow my other half will have repair surgery. He *should* be in and out but you just don’t know. He is afraid that it will be more extensive than expected based on the pain and previous problem. Only time will tell.

I got the blackberries and herbs potted up for the kids but haven’t given to them yet. When they visit the next time I’ll present them. They are not currently what you would call gardeners but perhaps this will inspire them to start? Stranger things have happened.

Wooh, seeing the weather in the East, I’m glad not to travel in snow and wind. Everyone be careful out there!

December 18, 2009, Friday,9:14 am
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Wow! Thirty-two years of marriage today. Mazel tov to me and the hubs! I don’t think we are looking more alike, although some may disagree. He was about 1/2″ shorter than me when we first married. Now, it is more like 3 inches, maybe more. A different kind of shrinkage, eh? Β He is still a New Yorker and I’m a native California. Most of the time that is agreeable. Occasionally not. Why do New Yorker’s talk and eat at the same time so that you must look at the food being chewed? Is this a personal trait or what? Even after all these years I have a hard time with it. It is always the small things that get you going. Fortunately, he eats so fast that I don’t have to watch for long πŸ˜‰

It is the last night of Chanukah and one son and daughter-in-law will come for dinner. Sunday, we will have a brunch out with another son who is coming this weekend. I just looked at the calendar for next year’s Chanukah. Yikes it starts on Dec 1st, just after Thanksgiving! Have to be ready for both then can relax!

The weather has moderated so that we aren’t in the 40’s during the day. More like 50-65 and no rain this week. We need more rain so I’m not complaining.

Received my Baker Street garden catalog and sent a wonderfully leisure evening picking out all the seeds that I want for 2010. It sure is easy to go overboard what with all the gorgeous photographs in the catalog! I’m only up to about $35 so that’s not too bad, is it?

Happy Chanukah
December 12, 2009, Saturday,9:39 am
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We had a great dinner last night with latkes and brisket. Cheesecake for dessert and I made fruit tarts from a mincemeat recipe I found. No meat. Since I cannot remember ever having mincemeat pie, I cannot compare to the traditional version, but I liked this one. It has cranberry, apple, cherry, brandy, pecans and all the lovely spices that make the whole house smell yummy. It was great to have the day off from work so I could make dinner without rushing.

After dinner with almost the whole family, we sat down to watch the latest Harry Potter movie. The sound was not right and we couldn’t hear the conversation so we stopped and worked on the various plugs. In the process we also broke the cabinet wheels that has all the components. The cabinet is about 40 years old and not that well made so it is definitely time for something new! Anyway, once the audio was tweaked, the sound was much better, the movie was so-so.

It was good to have family gathered together. Next weekend end we should have the whole gang. Yeah!

Snowy Mountain
December 9, 2009, Wednesday,6:55 am
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Wow. It has been so unusual to have snow on our mountain peaks. And, even more rare is that the snow stayed for more than one day and was much further down the mountain. Just gorgeous.

For the orange tree? Not so good. I haven’t been able to check up close yet. It will rain for the next few days. I am hoping that there was just enough wind so that the fruit didn’t freeze. It has been many years since the last time we had a freeze and then more than one day. Not a big deal for those of you in the northern areas of the country but boy for this California girl, it has been so cold! Our homes have not been built to withstand frost weather! MPOW (my place of work) has been very colder. Large facilities like the one I work in, can be a real bear to regulate properly. Everyone is bundling up and layering plus gloves and extra blankets. If you don’t have a space heater (I don’t), you never really get warm. Of course, sitting at a computer all day doesn’t help, eh?

Photo was taken at my place of work. The next was from my house.

Bare root
December 5, 2009, Saturday,7:52 pm
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I purchased a gooseberry bush and three blackberry bare roots. The blackberry will go to my son who loves blackberries and now has a backyard in which to plant them. Hope he likes them!

Shopping Quest
December 5, 2009, Saturday,8:00 am
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I started the gift shopping early this year and have really been on a roll. I have the staff finished unlike the family. My better half is very very very difficult to gift. Why you ask? Because he buys everything you could possibly imagination as soon as he sees it. So, a favorite author–he has bought it. DVD–same. Clothes–not allowed to buy for him. Electronics–you have got to be kidding. So, what I end up doing is finding quirky, dust-catchers with no useful purpose. Think Wonder Woman bookmarks or Hear-See-Speak no Evils. The other possibilities–calendar, journals, unusual CD, etc., you know, the safe but rather boring gifts.

Of course, as with most things this year, I am not really and truly complaining since I am here (meaning alive) so not finding the “perfect” gift can be put in to perspective, eh? Only this weekend and next to finish. Oh and remember to buy an anniversary gift would be good.