Watermelon Woman

Snowy Mountain
December 9, 2009, Wednesday,6:55 am
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Wow. It has been so unusual to have snow on our mountain peaks. And, even more rare is that the snow stayed for more than one day and was much further down the mountain. Just gorgeous.

For the orange tree? Not so good. I haven’t been able to check up close yet. It will rain for the next few days. I am hoping that there was just enough wind so that the fruit didn’t freeze. It has been many years since the last time we had a freeze and then more than one day. Not a big deal for those of you in the northern areas of the country but boy for this California girl, it has been so cold! Our homes have not been built to withstand frost weather! MPOW (my place of work) has been very colder. Large facilities like the one I work in, can be a real bear to regulate properly. Everyone is bundling up and layering plus gloves and extra blankets. If you don’t have a space heater (I don’t), you never really get warm. Of course, sitting at a computer all day doesn’t help, eh?

Photo was taken at my place of work. The next was from my house.


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