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Finally Spring is here!
April 30, 2011, Saturday,10:31 am
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Although a bit windy today, it may get up to 70 degrees today and perhaps into the 80’s by the weekend! The weeds in the back are enormous now. A ton of work is needed to clear it all out and plant veggies. I have a few sweet peas (deep purple) and maybe some Scarlett runners (no blossoms yet).

The best spring gift is the arrival of my grandson! Both mom and baby are doing great and I am in love with him already. I can see both my son and daughter-in-law in the baby. He is gaining weight and sleeping more.

April 2, 2011, Saturday,1:10 pm
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There is a lot of counting download at my place. Counting down until I can plant some tomatoes in the ground, pick the first rose bouquet, as well plant other veggies. But the most exciting countdown is for the arrival of my first grandson. He is due April 8th. My daughter-in-law is ready.  I confess I have mixed emotions about becoming a grandparent. I’m not sure I feel old enough, yet I am so excited to welcome a new baby.