Watermelon Woman

September 24, 2011, Saturday,10:41 am
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Oy. I have been involved in two fender-benders both within ten days time. Both my error. Driving forty years with not a ticket, much less an accident and then wham. I sincerely hope it is not a trend. No injuries given this was a right turn from a full stop.

Otherwise, work has been stress-filled. Speaking engagement, vendors, tech issues, blah, blah, and blah. I think I need another vacation.

It is looking like I will get a few Meyer Lemons from my tree this year. Great news for sure. Happy Harvest time to all.

Fall comes early
September 18, 2011, Sunday,12:42 pm
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The local weather has been sadly cool for most of the summer. Not a complaint, just observation. Now, a few days before Fall begins on the 23rd, the weather is cool in the morning and evening, even if there is a good warmth during the day. My favorite time of the year. September is my birthday month, so I celebrate the life I am still able to enjoy despite cancer. Each day is a gift.

glacierThe family went on a cruise this past summer. A new experience that I am not likely to repeat. I loved seeing the glaciers in Alaska and visiting cities, but cruising just isn’t my style.

My precious grandson is growing so fast! Already 5 months old.  A true delight.

Waiting yet again for my latest¬†blood work. I don’t get anxious until I have taken the test. I want to know immediately what it says but have to wait 3-4, until the doctor sends an email. Waiting is not easy.

I miss my son who has taken off again to work in Japan. He really likes it there and has picked up quite a bit of language skills which serves him well. Sigh.