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Third Anniversary
March 17, 2012, Saturday,2:37 pm
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My third anniversary surviving ovarian cancer is coming up. Grateful that I am still showing low CA125 numbers. A three-month test is needed now. Whenever it is time to test again I become very anxious. I don’t trust my body. There is double anxiety this time. At my recent dental cleaning,the dental assistant spotted something on my tongue that she wanted the dentist to look at. The dentist will do a biopsy in a week and I will find out if I need laser surgery to remove whatever it is. Do you have chemo for cancer of the tongue? I have been afraid to look at the medical info. Guess that makes me a coward. I haven’t told my husband yet. There is no sense in haven’t the two of us worry and I think he would rather not know. At least not yet. I will share once the biopsy report is in. Wish me luck.

March 4, 2012, Sunday,8:11 am
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It has been a while since a post. The new format on WordPress needs getting use to, yes? It doesn’t seem as intuitive as previous versions.

Work has been extremely busy in mostly a good way. Because my work necessitates computer work for 8 hours, I am very reluctant to go home and start working on my own computer. 

My garden is a real work in progress. I’ve planted fennel, onions, lettuces, cauliflower etc. Mostly cool weather veggies. It isn’t spring and the weather has been so unpredictable this and last year that having a frost is not out of the possibility even now.

For flowers, I bought a forsythia and put it in a large container. The plant is just starting to bloom in bright yellow. Lovely.

I received my first kiss from my grandson on Friday! This is a bigger event than it might seem. He is 10 months and just doesn’t want me to hold him at all. He will smile and wave, but he needs to stay with mom or his other grandmother (who lives with my son and daughter-in-law). It was a day to remember.