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November 20, 2012, Tuesday,10:40 am
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Well, the windows are in and the crew is working on the trim. My sense is that the trim has to be painted. That is not going to happen before Thanksgiving I fear. The guys hands are dirty and it rubs off on to the frame. Ugh. Another chore to be done before we gather to gather.

The cornbread (for dressing) is made and I think the shopping is done. Later today I’ll begin the pies–pumpkin and pecan and may do something frozen which the kids always like. Generally a very traditional feast is planned.

The menu:

  • Turkey about 25 lbs, plenty for 10, plus leftovers!
  • Cornbread dressing-my Mother’s recipe (in other words, no recipe!)
  • Yams, sliced and roasted
  • Roasted Italian (flat) Green beans with mushroom glaze
  • Mashed potatoes with parsnip/horseradish
  • Homemade turkey gravy
  • Citrus/pear/pecan/spinach salad
  • Pecan and pumpkin, traditional
  • Appetizers: Dips/crackers or chips/bread sticks; picked okra, olives, tapenades
  • Drinks: assortment of wine, lemonade, teas, etc.

Now, I’m hungry! Lots more work to do but it will be worth it!

Note to self–need more baggies!


Thanksgiving process begins, or not.
November 17, 2012, Saturday,9:45 am
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Well, I’m taking the few days before Thanksgiving off. That is a wonderful thing, since, “Surprise!”, I’m hosting. This was unexpected as we usually go off to a relative’s house. Perhaps I was prescient or something since I asked for the days before I knew this fact.

Yesterday, the window people installed all new windows throughout the house. I spent the previous weekend moving furniture and cleaning the areas so they could easily work. I was planning to use this weekend to put everything back in place, however, the windows are in but not the casing or trim so everything is all jumbled and everywhere. All Over The House. Ugh.

Okay so instead, me thought, I’ll do my grocery shopping and running around today instead of moving furniture… not so fast. My husband needed my car and so I’m left with his car. Those of you with keyless entry can appreciate that when my hand goes into the door and the lock doesn’t move, I’m not going anyway, eh? There is no real key to open the door so I’m not going any where with this car. Grrrrr. Texting my husband isn’t doing any good, a. because he probably can’t hear the chirp that he has text and b. he wouldn’t leave what he is doing even if he received it.

Funny, huh? So, is it too early to bake pies for Thursday? I would prefer doing that on Wednesday. I’ve mentioned that the whole house is upside down, so getting to other projects (sewing, etc.) is also difficult. I don’t really want to add to the complete clutter. Perhaps a nice book and another cup of coffee.

I forgot to say that I’m supremely happy to have new windows. The old ones were from 1972, so, yes, they definitely needed to be redone and the energy saving should be noticeable. Plus I have clean windows! No crappy decals from 25 years ago that my husband put up so he wouldn’t accidentally walk through a closed door. Now, you would think a PHD would be able to figure that out, wouldn’t you? Anyway, I will do great bodily harm I fear if someone sticks anything on these windows. Just saying.

Gobble, gobble.

No, I did not die.
November 9, 2012, Friday,3:52 pm
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I forgot my password and lost my info. May I blame it on chem-brain? I figured that the blog was lost for good. Just an fyi, spaces (in typing) matter and having too many email accounts can really mess with you! So, it was spring the last time I wrote and had just passed my 3rd survivor anniversary. Now my 4th is coming up in April. And I’ve reached the ripe, old age of 62. Still trying to wrap my head around that one! I will try to not lose my info again and write a little more often. It can be a New Year’s resolution.My Sister-in-Law is having radiation for breast cancer. So far she will not need chemotherapy. A very happy bit of news for her.