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Garden of Invention
September 22, 2009, Tuesday,6:40 pm
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Garden of Invention: Luther Burbank and the Business of Breeding Plants by Jane S. Smith, 2009. Part history, part biography, Garden of Invention brings to life the story of how Luther Burbank became one of the few agricultural icons of America. He had the right interest at the precise time American agriculture business was looking for new products and consumers were wanting more choices as well.

I’m not finished with the book but if it continues as it has so far, I recommend adding to your garden reading list.

Five out of six
August 13, 2009, Thursday,6:20 pm
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Today I had my fifth chemotherapy session.

I started a new-to-me book called, “Soprano Sorceress” by L.E. Modesitt, Jr. This is the first book of the Spellsong Cycle. In this fantasy Anna, a divorced, non-tenured, soprano singer was in the wrong place at the wrong time or right place at the right time depending on what happens when she is conjured by singing sorceress in another world (dimension?). Erde is an earth-like planet with big problems. A fight between darksongs and clearsongs is threatening to cause chaos on Erde by controlling the weather and thus food supply (among other dire possibilities, I’m sure.)

I’m not very far into the book, but Anna is a very appealing character, smart and spunky and fast on her feet–a very good quality given she is a songmaster, whether she wants to be or not.

The book kept me involved and not thinking about where I was. Good deal all around.

Reading about Gardening
September 7, 2008, Sunday,6:46 pm
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The garden is growing albeit not enthusiastically. I have harvested a couple of handfuls of tomatoes, zero zuchinni, less green beans and one eggplant. A pumpkin died at 5″ and there are no melons big enough to see. A typical year? I don’t think so.

Botany of Desire

Botany of Desire

In the meantime, I have been reading gardening and farming books. I still have dreams of a small plot of land, chickens and no traffic. I am currently reading “Botany of Desire” by Micahel Pollan, author of”Omnivore’s Dilemma” which was excellent as well. Pollan’s precise, if I may be so bold as to determine, is that rather than man putting his rule on plants, it is the plants that have seduced man into helping them to survive, prosper and grow by providing food, beauty, drink and control. Botany describes the journey of the apple, tulip, marijuana and potato plants and the impact they have on humans.

Epitaph for a Peach

Epitaph for a Peach

Epitaph for a Peach, another current read, tells the true story of one California family’s desire to continue farming in the face of many obstacles. In particular, the peach itself is not a variety that lends itself to travel. It is too juicy and sweet and has a short shelf life. But quality of sweetness and juicyness is what makes the peach worth saving.

More reading selections to come.