Watermelon Woman

November 25, 2011, Friday,9:22 am
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I cannot let Thanksgiving pass without saying how thankful I am for being alive. And more than just alive–living a full life and cancer-free after almost 3 years from my diagnosis. We had a great dinner and conversation yesterday with family and friends. Today, Friday, I may have to go to a store although I usually stay as far away as possible on Black Friday. I hate the crowds so much.

More turkey and pumpkin pie tonight since I didn’t cook the Thanksgiving meal and have no leftovers. Turkey is cooked, pies made. Only the dressing (cornbread) to make. I cooked my own pumpkins for the pies and am also making soup.

I finished a quilt top and once I decide what backing to use, will be machine quilting. The quilt is for visits from my grandson. It has dinosaurs, tigers, giraffes and even Popeye squares. It was fun and an easy project. I will photograph when it is done.


Up, up and away
March 20, 2010, Saturday,5:28 pm
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The news was good! No change in my CA-125 blood work. CA-125 is a marker that can indicate the presence of a tumor. I can take a few days off from work and enjoy myself without worry. Hopefully, when I return, the garden will have been weeded. With the constant rain the weeds are beyond a little pulling. Someone will come and weed wack. From there I can manage my veggie garden and add some mulch to the retaining wall section. I have put off starting seeds because I knew being away for a week would kill anything started that needed to be watered. I hope I won’t regret the decision.

The weather has been wonderful the past week. High 60’s and low 70’s. You can’t ask for more in March. Whether we return to the rainy days is out of my control so I’ll try going with the flow.

I have asked for a retirement assessment which will tell me if I have enough time in and what I can expect my retirement pay would be. The more critical factor is the number of years since that will determine whether my health insurance is covered completely or not. There will be so many steps to do prior to the actual retirement as well. Lots of paperwork. The other aspect is the house. Getting it in shape for selling will be a major expense. I know I want to leave the area but not yet sure to where yet. Time for the hunt to get serious. Wish me luck.

No snow
January 12, 2010, Tuesday,7:15 am
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We are back from a snow trip. There wasn’t too much snow however as it never snowed during the full week we were visiting. In fact the temperatures went as high as the 50’s. This made driving a breeze with no chain restrictions at all. We did get some low fog which made driving on mountain streets a challenge. It was still beautiful.

Our doggy is still hospitalized after an operation to remove a 6 inch tumor on her liver. She also has pancreatitis and is refusing to eat. We will visit her again today and hope that will help her appetite. She is 2 hours away from our home so visiting is difficult. She is very strong and I do think she will bounce back from this illness. Her hips are another problem though and I don’t think we have many options. Getting old sucks big time and all we can do is give support and our love.

I’m back to work as well in this new year. There are many challenges starting with a shacky budget and absent leadership. Managers hired to do a specific job are being over-ruled or ignored. I guess that is the same old, same old. Happy new year.

December 18, 2009, Friday,9:14 am
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Wow! Thirty-two years of marriage today. Mazel tov to me and the hubs! I don’t think we are looking more alike, although some may disagree. He was about 1/2″ shorter than me when we first married. Now, it is more like 3 inches, maybe more. A different kind of shrinkage, eh?  He is still a New Yorker and I’m a native California. Most of the time that is agreeable. Occasionally not. Why do New Yorker’s talk and eat at the same time so that you must look at the food being chewed? Is this a personal trait or what? Even after all these years I have a hard time with it. It is always the small things that get you going. Fortunately, he eats so fast that I don’t have to watch for long 😉

It is the last night of Chanukah and one son and daughter-in-law will come for dinner. Sunday, we will have a brunch out with another son who is coming this weekend. I just looked at the calendar for next year’s Chanukah. Yikes it starts on Dec 1st, just after Thanksgiving! Have to be ready for both then can relax!

The weather has moderated so that we aren’t in the 40’s during the day. More like 50-65 and no rain this week. We need more rain so I’m not complaining.

Received my Baker Street garden catalog and sent a wonderfully leisure evening picking out all the seeds that I want for 2010. It sure is easy to go overboard what with all the gorgeous photographs in the catalog! I’m only up to about $35 so that’s not too bad, is it?

Happy Chanukah
December 12, 2009, Saturday,9:39 am
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We had a great dinner last night with latkes and brisket. Cheesecake for dessert and I made fruit tarts from a mincemeat recipe I found. No meat. Since I cannot remember ever having mincemeat pie, I cannot compare to the traditional version, but I liked this one. It has cranberry, apple, cherry, brandy, pecans and all the lovely spices that make the whole house smell yummy. It was great to have the day off from work so I could make dinner without rushing.

After dinner with almost the whole family, we sat down to watch the latest Harry Potter movie. The sound was not right and we couldn’t hear the conversation so we stopped and worked on the various plugs. In the process we also broke the cabinet wheels that has all the components. The cabinet is about 40 years old and not that well made so it is definitely time for something new! Anyway, once the audio was tweaked, the sound was much better, the movie was so-so.

It was good to have family gathered together. Next weekend end we should have the whole gang. Yeah!