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Snowed you
March 27, 2011, Sunday,3:23 pm
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The week included being snowed in and rain. It was very tiring driving to the lake with drenching rain for several hours. Once at the lake, our non-4×4 car couldn’t make it up the hill without putting on the chains. Driving all week with noisy chains was headache-producing.

That the was the only real bad situation for the week. I was able to finish 3 books, watch 3 movies and generally relax and catch up on sleep.

Back to work on Tuesday. There is so much to do with lots of projects. One more day to just not think about it.

The weather was cold but the snow made everything soft and beautiful.

Travel time
October 23, 2010, Saturday,9:32 am
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I am off to a work conference tomorrow. Rain is in the forecast for Sunday but it should clear up enough to be able to do some dry walks. We always need the rain in this part of the country unless it is a very strong El Nino.


September 7, 2010, Tuesday,12:22 pm
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This was one of the best Labor Day weekends in a long time. We flew to San Diego to  visit my son and his new condo. Unbelievably he did some painting himself. Not my colors for sure, but it isn’t my place. We attended an alumni game (3-3) and a very competitive soccer game with our side winning 3-2. It was a nail-biter!

We also spent most of the day at Balboa Park which is a jewel. No parking or entry fees. Lots of parking available. That always starts the day off nicely. There really is something for everyone. A beautiful playground, botanical garden, museums, restaurants and my favorite, the artist colony. We can watch the artists at work and buy something if you like.

Monday, before our flight home, we spent time at the new condo with my son’s friends and family from the other side. Interesting to watch my husband and his ex-wife chatting about old times. I met my son’s sister (long story and not for here) and her son and talked about everything.

Both flights were down-right easy for this woman who hates to fly. It is becoming less scary since I realize that one can get hit by a bus, or get cancer etc. You never know and so now I worry less about a crashing plane. LOL

Oh, and I had a birthday too.  A. Big. One. You know, the kind with a “0” in it. Again, the alternative isn’t good so I’m embracing the time. Had cake, flowers, etc. and lots of family to share the time with.


Vacation come and gone
April 4, 2009, Saturday,8:15 am
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I’m back from a week of vacation. The weather was fine; the company pleasant. But there was a little cloud over the week as I waited for test results. Results that could be surgery. Add in a little food poisoning on the way home, two days of non-stop abdominal misery and a doctor’s visit and the vacation seems far, far away. Surgery set for April 16.

The good news–some, some of my seeds have come up. In particular, the winter squash is doing really well.

I had planned to post some photos of my vacation but have not found my camera. I fear that it is still on vacation. Very frustrating. I was hoping for a new camera and I did transfer everything to my computer prior to leaving, but still. May I blame my nightmare-ish trip home for the loss? I have to find a camera to borrow.

More stress
February 12, 2009, Thursday,9:44 am
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To use a cliche, when it rains, it pours. A week after my brother’s passing, I found myself sitting in an emergency room with my husband. He is fine now but he spent a night in the hospital and a day of tests. The stress levels do rise sharply. It has been raining off and on now for a few days so staring out the window has been the extent of my gardening.

Tomorrow starts a 4-day house and garden expo near here. I plan to go on the first day as everyone working there will be fresh and excited rather than tired and just waiting for the day to end. Even though it is called “house and garden”, I suspect most exhibitors will be contractors for windows, landscaping, and remodeling rather than true gardening. My favorite garden nursery will be there however, so there is hope of seeing plants.

I’ve managed to pick a handful of sweetpeas that are bravely blooming in the cold, rainy weather. There are many blooms about to open as well. Tonight there may be a freeze so I will have to move the pot under the patio cover along with the orange and lemon tree pots. Brrrr.

Going home
January 10, 2009, Saturday,3:07 pm
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We leave snow country in about an hour. We had a nice ride yesterday to a small valley area that has a resort/restaurant that is just darling. We ate quiche, soup and salad. Very good. The resort is a collection of small cabins, some on the hill side, others by the river. It is very quiet and peaceful.

The resident cat (a Maine Coon, I believe) walked guests to and fro. This cat was huge. It was fun to watch as she (he?) strutted about 3 yards in front of a couple, turning and checking every few steps to make sure that the man and woman were following.

The summit might have ice but since there hasn’t been any snow for a week now, I doubt we will have to deal with chains. We will be ready after about 2 hours on the road to stop and eat breakfast, then on to the Bay.


I’m very much not ready for work on Monday.

More photos
January 10, 2009, Saturday,1:05 am
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Virginia City Cemetery









Snow Country
January 6, 2009, Tuesday,6:02 pm
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Snow country is melting. No snow in the forecast for this week. It makes our travel easier but the snow is why we come, eh? All photos are either mine or my dh’s.

View of the lake

View of the lake

Winter Wonderland
January 5, 2009, Monday,3:00 am
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Looking out our window

Looking out our window

Shots of Nevada-side Heavenly Ski Resort.

Another view

Another view

January 4, 2009, Sunday,3:46 am
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Our journey to the snow was uneventful and very smooth. We drove the CRV which has 4×4 and lots of space. We didn’t need chains and the roads were very clear. We were very leisurely, getting up fairly late and not starting out to almost eleven. Even so, we got up here by 4 p.m. with a stop for lunch at our favorite stop on the way.

Tomorrow we have a brunch with former teachers that my dh knows. They live in the area and took us to the 4th of July fireworks in the summertime.

More tomorrow.