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Apples to pick
November 9, 2008, Sunday,1:04 am
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It is a dreary-looking day with spits and starts of misty rain. I was mostly out window shopping for a birthday gift but I was happy to catch my brother in his shop. We had a great chat and solved most of the world’s problems 😉 He has a son in Iraq so that is something that the family remembers day-to-day.

Back home, I decided to pick some more of my apples. The tree is about 30 years old and has three varieties of green apples–sour, moderately sour and very sour. Well, perhaps not quite that bad. These latest pickings are acutally edible and should make a nice pie.

My carrots and greens are happy with the weather. Same for the broccoli. I finally pulled my pepper plants (all 3 that were left) so I have room for more carrots. I’m thinking that I’ll do a couple of other root plants, maybe parsnips and beets. I also need to transplant the horseradish to a larger pot.

I pulled bunches of weeds and a tree growing where it shouldn’t be and almost filled the recycle bin. Since it had been raining and the ground was still wet-ish, the pulling wasn’t too difficult.

It has started to rain a little harder now although we are not expecting much rain total. Thoughts on dinner include soup (I have cooked chicken from last night), chicken with noodles/rice and I have a nice winter squash to cook.

Weekends are now the only time that I can see my garden. It is dark when I leave the house for work and dark when I get home. Must be day-light savings time. Not sure whose is getting the daylight.

My son in Japan sent me a couple of photos of watermelon of the usual type. Funny and expensive. $500.

Melon in a Japanese shop

Melon in a Japanese shop

A close-up

A close-up

Watermelon nights
April 20, 2008, Sunday,3:34 pm
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Yes, it’s not exactly new, but it is watermelon!

Watermelons are good for you!
March 3, 2008, Monday,4:26 am
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Some of us already knew this but it is nice to have it confirmed 😉

Found at California Farm Bureau:

“Watermelons have more nutrients than previously reported. Scientists have found watermelons not only contain large amounts of lycopene, an antioxidant, but also an amino acid that plays a role in wound healing, cell division and other positive results. Study volunteers drank differing amounts of watermelon juice and had improved levels of a substance researchers think might treat high blood pressure.”

February 2, 2008, Saturday,11:25 pm
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I’ve ordered most of my seeds for 2008 from Baker Street Heirloom Seeds.

Included in my order are watermelons of course. I trying some varieties that are new to me and hopefully will be ready earlier than some of the standards. Black-tail Mountain is 70 days; Melitopolski, a Russian variety doesn’t list the number of days, but coming from Russia, one suspects that it will be. Ali Baba is not short, 100 days, but its claim to fame is the flavor.

Tomato selections were Cuor di Bue, Sioux, Old Virginia, Flame (aka Hillbilly), plus some plum varieties.  I have also purchased carrots, okra, baby greens, green beans, black-eyed peas and corn. Corn will be a first. I picked a 5-foot variety. Oh and sunflowers. I had great success with them last summer and they last forever. I picked and picked for the house and still had plenty to please the eye in the garden.

I deciding on what varieties of apples to purchase. I want to try espaliers to cut down on the space requirements.

It has been raining forever here in sunny California so the ground is just as wet as can be.   I do like rain but, it is getting old now.

Kitty vs. Watermelon
June 27, 2007, Wednesday,9:06 pm
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Posted by Sir Flanigan to YouTube, June 18–very cute!

June 23, 2007, Saturday,5:36 pm
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The garden is progressing nicely. I have lost a few green bean plants and one tomato but I had planted extra just in case. The sunflowers are about 4 feet tall and make me smile every time I look at them. The watermelons have established themselves and are expanding. Even if I get one melon from the 6 plants I will be happy. There are many green tomatoes and one is already turning.

On another side of the garden, I am planning an asparagus bed as well as artichokes. First I have to clear the weeds, fix my water source, compost,  etc. As this is behind a retaining wall, the dog cannot get access to the area.  Also on the agenda is adding some mulch to other areas of behind the retaining wall and perhaps some planting as well. This is the spouse’s area so we have to agree. hmmm. Wish me luck.

New banner
March 7, 2007, Wednesday,2:55 am
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It was time for a change and something a little more in tune with Watermelon Woman.

April 24, 2006, Monday,2:51 am
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AtB35-65Watermellon.jpgA good place to live and work. I don't know where this barn is, but I do love the look.

Why watermelon?
April 22, 2006, Saturday,11:09 pm
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Watermelons are sweet and summery. They remind me of my childhood, my parents and happy times.


April 22, 2006, Saturday,10:36 pm
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Welcome to my world.