Watermelon Woman

Dreary Days
March 6, 2011, Sunday,2:24 pm
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Gray skies and a smattering of rain yesterday and today makes my mood “blah”. But. We had a lovely time yesterday at my son and daughter-in-laws baby shower. We were able to visit with people we don’t normally get to see that often. It’s going to be a boy. Only four weeks to go. We are all excited since this is a first grandchild.

On the garden front, I am pleased to see multiple buds on my lemon tree. The first in two years! I am still getting Meyer lemons from a much smaller tree as well. There are blossoms on my donut peach tree too.  I fear the gopher has eaten my sweet pea seeds that I planted a couple of weeks ago. I should have seen some growth by now. This is so frustrating.

I’m coming up on the second anniversary of  my fight with cancer. I was fairly stressed about it last year. Not as much this year but I will feel better once my next round of tests are clear. The longer I go without a reoccurrence, the better my odds.