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In my thoughts – Japan
March 12, 2011, Saturday,8:31 pm
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Can things get any worse for Japan. Earthquake, tsunami, nuclear threat of meltdown. So sad. Japan has made making their infrastructure as safe as possible as they are sitting on an active quake fault. It is so hard to realize that it could have been so a ghastly scenario for them without what they already had in place.

My son lived 3 years in Japan and went through earthquakes. Even though the quakes were small compared to 8.9, it was still scary for him and for us living so far away. I currently have a niece and her husband and son living in Okinawa. A safe area, at least from this quake.

Living in a major quake zone in California is a reality we live with daily. We know the odds are for a major quake in the next 20-30 years, yet we are not prepared. Our public buildings are so vulnerable. Schools, hospitals, bridges, water lines all on or very near the numerous faults we have in the San Francisco Bay Area. The Loma Prieta quake showed us just how much damage can happen in a few seconds.

We have quake kits in the house and cars but it is a drop in the bucket it what we would need if a 8.9 hit us here. I wonder sometimes if the threat of blizzards and floods are worse than earthquakes. You can be sure that floods and snow will happen fairly often and generally in specific times of the year. Quakes, on the other hand, can happen anytime.

My thoughts go out to everyone impacted by this tragedy.

February 2, 2008, Saturday,11:25 pm
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I’ve ordered most of my seeds for 2008 from Baker Street Heirloom Seeds.

Included in my order are watermelons of course. I trying some varieties that are new to me and hopefully will be ready earlier than some of the standards. Black-tail Mountain is 70 days; Melitopolski, a Russian variety doesn’t list the number of days, but coming from Russia, one suspects that it will be. Ali Baba is not short, 100 days, but its claim to fame is the flavor.

Tomato selections were Cuor di Bue, Sioux, Old Virginia, Flame (aka Hillbilly), plus some plum varieties.  I have also purchased carrots, okra, baby greens, green beans, black-eyed peas and corn. Corn will be a first. I picked a 5-foot variety. Oh and sunflowers. I had great success with them last summer and they last forever. I picked and picked for the house and still had plenty to please the eye in the garden.

I deciding on what varieties of apples to purchase. I want to try espaliers to cut down on the space requirements.

It has been raining forever here in sunny California so the ground is just as wet as can be.   I do like rain but, it is getting old now.