Watermelon Woman

November 25, 2011, Friday,9:22 am
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I cannot let Thanksgiving pass without saying how thankful I am for being alive. And more than just alive–living a full life and cancer-free after almost 3 years from my diagnosis. We had a great dinner and conversation yesterday with family and friends. Today, Friday, I may have to go to a store although I usually stay as far away as possible on Black Friday. I hate the crowds so much.

More turkey and pumpkin pie tonight since I didn’t cook the Thanksgiving meal and have no leftovers. Turkey is cooked, pies made. Only the dressing (cornbread) to make. I cooked my own pumpkins for the pies and am also making soup.

I finished a quilt top and once I decide what backing to use, will be machine quilting. The quilt is for visits from my grandson. It has dinosaurs, tigers, giraffes and even Popeye squares. It was fun and an easy project. I will photograph when it is done.


Lodge dutch oven
February 16, 2008, Saturday,5:29 am
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I received my Lodge dutch oven this week and tonight I made chicken with spelt and brown rice. It was yummy. I bought the dutch oven for the “no knead bread” recipe and a skillet for corn bread. I’m happy!