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Daylight Savings Changeover
March 16, 2011, Wednesday,6:16 pm
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Time change at the start of Daylight Saving Time

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Generally, springing forward for daylight savings is a unmitigated chore. My sleep patterns are disrupted and I spend multiple days not able to sleep at night and waking up groggy and grumpy. For reasons unknown, I haven’t had those annoying symptoms this Spring (I know it isn’t Spring yet, you get my point though?).

I can look out my window and see a neighbor’s tree of unknown species, blooming out in magenta blossoms. Not my favorite color, but is definitely a sign.

Our rat (s?) are back. They are in the roof or between the walls, but there must be holes around because they are eating the dog food. This morning I surprised a very big (mama?) rat and had to listen to her squeeks for a very long time. The pest man cometh.

We will try to take a couple of days and drive to the snowy place we love. Weather Channel says snow/rain all next week but that could change. It does mean chains and warm clothing. It is always harder to figure out what bulky clothing that I will really need. Work has been a zoo so if I can finish up a couple of projects, I’m happy to not think about my “second home” for a while.

Waiting for March 8
February 19, 2009, Thursday,8:16 pm
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Why you ask am I waiting for March 8th? I am so tired of leaving going to work in the dawn and getting home at twilight. Daylight savings starts on March 8th. This means an hour more of daylight in the evening to do gardening or just be outside. It’s been gloomy. We do have a break in the rain until Saturday night so maybe the seeds will be started and weeds weeded.

Last weeks rain was amazing. We had standing water and mud everywhere. I don’t think I have ever seen it quite this pronounced ever. Drying out will take a while.