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Fall comes early
September 18, 2011, Sunday,12:42 pm
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The local weather has been sadly cool for most of the summer. Not a complaint, just observation. Now, a few days before Fall begins on the 23rd, the weather is cool in the morning and evening, even if there is a good warmth during the day. My favorite time of the year. September is my birthday month, so I celebrate the life I am still able to enjoy despite cancer. Each day is a gift.

glacierThe family went on a cruise this past summer. A new experience that I am not likely to repeat. I loved seeing the glaciers in Alaska and visiting cities, but cruising just isn’t my style.

My precious grandson is growing so fast! Already 5 months old.  A true delight.

Waiting yet again for my latest blood work. I don’t get anxious until I have taken the test. I want to know immediately what it says but have to wait 3-4, until the doctor sends an email. Waiting is not easy.

I miss my son who has taken off again to work in Japan. He really likes it there and has picked up quite a bit of language skills which serves him well. Sigh.

Dreary Days
March 6, 2011, Sunday,2:24 pm
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Gray skies and a smattering of rain yesterday and today makes my mood “blah”. But. We had a lovely time yesterday at my son and daughter-in-laws baby shower. We were able to visit with people we don’t normally get to see that often. It’s going to be a boy. Only four weeks to go. We are all excited since this is a first grandchild.

On the garden front, I am pleased to see multiple buds on my lemon tree. The first in two years! I am still getting Meyer lemons from a much smaller tree as well. There are blossoms on my donut peach tree too.  I fear the gopher has eaten my sweet pea seeds that I planted a couple of weeks ago. I should have seen some growth by now. This is so frustrating.

I’m coming up on the second anniversary of  my fight with cancer. I was fairly stressed about it last year. Not as much this year but I will feel better once my next round of tests are clear. The longer I go without a reoccurrence, the better my odds.


Sage, rosemary & thyme
December 24, 2009, Thursday,6:54 am
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For my son and daughter-in-law I made a very large pot of three blackberry starts as well as another pot full of sage, rosemary and thyme–no strawberries though 😉

I think they liked the idea anyway of the plants although I’m not sure if at this point with a new house and all, that they wanted the added “pressure” of something else to take care of. LOL Anyway, no pressure from me, I just wanted them to have something that might get them out of the house once in a while and in the dirt. We will see.

Silly me, tried a new face cream about a week ago, still red and pealing with no end in sight. Boy do I look a mess. Swollen eye lids, cheeks, forehead. If I didn’t have to go to work everyday the situation might be considered funny. No so much when I must face everyone who have politely ignored the obvious problem. Still doing the “live and learn” thing. In other news, I’m more than ready to shed my wig and face the world with my new but still very short hair. At least I was until my face blew up. Now I will wait until I look a little more human. The wig has bangs which hide at least some of the mess. LOL

Anniversary Brunch
December 20, 2009, Sunday,11:01 am
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We are off to Mimi’s for a brunch with family in celebration of our anniversary. Tomorrow my other half will have repair surgery. He *should* be in and out but you just don’t know. He is afraid that it will be more extensive than expected based on the pain and previous problem. Only time will tell.

I got the blackberries and herbs potted up for the kids but haven’t given to them yet. When they visit the next time I’ll present them. They are not currently what you would call gardeners but perhaps this will inspire them to start? Stranger things have happened.

Wooh, seeing the weather in the East, I’m glad not to travel in snow and wind. Everyone be careful out there!

More stress
February 12, 2009, Thursday,9:44 am
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To use a cliche, when it rains, it pours. A week after my brother’s passing, I found myself sitting in an emergency room with my husband. He is fine now but he spent a night in the hospital and a day of tests. The stress levels do rise sharply. It has been raining off and on now for a few days so staring out the window has been the extent of my gardening.

Tomorrow starts a 4-day house and garden expo near here. I plan to go on the first day as everyone working there will be fresh and excited rather than tired and just waiting for the day to end. Even though it is called “house and garden”, I suspect most exhibitors will be contractors for windows, landscaping, and remodeling rather than true gardening. My favorite garden nursery will be there however, so there is hope of seeing plants.

I’ve managed to pick a handful of sweetpeas that are bravely blooming in the cold, rainy weather. There are many blooms about to open as well. Tonight there may be a freeze so I will have to move the pot under the patio cover along with the orange and lemon tree pots. Brrrr.

February 6, 2009, Friday,8:35 am
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We had a great get-together on Thursday with family from out of state and local. Everyone was there for services for my oldest brother. Afterward we went to lunch and talked and talked and talked. Some family I hadn’t seen in 20 years so there was a lot of catch-up to be done. Children that were babies were on their way to being teens and others seemed much older than they should.

All of us were pointedly aware of the time passing and passing quickly for all of us. We, my brother and sisters, are the “old” people now as our parents are not living anymore. I understand more than ever why it is so hard to do genealogy studies when you don’t or can’t stay in touch with cousins and second-cousins plus in-laws and exes. The lesson is: write it down, label photos, copy source material and give it out to siblings. Start at home and what you know and get that down for your immediate family, then broaden to other members.

Now if I can only take my own advice.