Watermelon Woman

February 6, 2009, Friday,6:25 pm
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Yes! Planted my two apple bareroots. In the rain. Got muddy. It was fun. The rain is supposed to stop tomorrow so hopefully the weeding that really, really needs tending can happen.

Sunny and Windy
January 9, 2009, Friday,2:45 am
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The snow is melting here as the temperatures have been as high as 63 degrees on the Carson Valley floor. Of course, most of the clothing brought along are snow-related. Today got very windy at 10,000 feet and has been all day.

I found a great quilt store in Gardnerville. It is very roomy, having expanded to add more space for workshops. The shop is called The Quilt House. On the Kingsbury grade (Hwy 207) there is another shop that I always pop into when in the area. This one is called Fabrics Unlimited.  It is cozier than the Quilt House, but the staff are helpful and friendly and their are books galore.

As we drive along, I look for nurseries and garden shops but there are fewer and fewer it seems. There was a small chain store very near my house which  closed recently. I must now travel 20 minutes or 40 minutes for a full service gardening center. It is almost as hard to find good gardening magazines anywhere, including the garden centers. I will have to brake down and subscribe to a few.

Now, on to trying to upload my photos, which I will post here if successful. [Update: partial success–see photos below]

[rockyou id=130336840&w=341&h=113]

Muscle aches
February 20, 2008, Wednesday,4:39 am
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Oh boy. I filled the huge green recycling bin with weeds, branches and miscellaneous dead plants on Monday. I am paying the piper with sore muscles, but feel good about accomplishing much on the way to getting the garden ready for planting.

Next up: potting the seeds!

Nothing but rain
January 26, 2008, Saturday,7:11 pm
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I love the rain. Really, I do. But even I am just about finished with it. Lots of rain will help the oranges. More rain = more sweetness. But here in Northern California we have had not only rain, but freezing temperatures. More rain still to come over the next week. Our water needs should, I say should be fine for the next year. Snow packs are still not normal but our reservoirs should be full.Everything in the yard is soaked and certainly unworkable. I can put some containers to work with snow peas, collards and maybe broccoli. 

September 4, 2007, Tuesday,7:04 pm
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It’s been a while, eh? I haven’t had much time to think about this blog, much less write anything coherent that others might be interested in reading. I’m a boring person generally. Working at my professional and working at home. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

The last two weeks I have been caring for my ailing spouse, hospitalized for 12 days after emergency surgery. I was happy to bring him home to recuperate. At least work has been on holiday time and I have some vacation as well. I’m happy that we are on the way to having our “regular” life again.

I cannot remember the last time I worked in the garden. Most of my time has been at the hospital. I did get to eat some home-grown watermelon this summer and I have saved the seeds for next year.