Watermelon Woman

February 6, 2009, Friday,8:35 am
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We had a great get-together on Thursday with family from out of state and local. Everyone was there for services for my oldest brother. Afterward we went to lunch and talked and talked and talked. Some family I hadn’t seen in 20 years so there was a lot of catch-up to be done. Children that were babies were on their way to being teens and others seemed much older than they should.

All of us were pointedly aware of the time passing and passing quickly for all of us. We, my brother and sisters, are the “old” people now as our parents are not living anymore. I understand more than ever why it is so hard to do genealogy studies when you don’t or can’t stay in touch with cousins and second-cousins plus in-laws and exes. The lesson is: write it down, label photos, copy source material and give it out to siblings. Start at home and what you know and get that down for your immediate family, then broaden to other members.

Now if I can only take my own advice.