Watermelon Woman

Seeds planted
March 13, 2009, Friday,9:10 pm
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Last Sunday I finally started my seeds. Tomatoes, crooked neck, zucchini, watermelon, pumpkin and winter squash. I found organic tomato plants at Costco on Wednesday that I couldn’t pass up, so I planted them after work.There is massive weeding to be done still.

February 6, 2009, Friday,6:25 pm
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Yes! Planted my two apple bareroots. In the rain. Got muddy. It was fun. The rain is supposed to stop tomorrow so hopefully the weeding that really, really needs tending can happen.

More rain
February 25, 2008, Monday,12:09 am
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All the days have been rainy. Not raining times have been at work not home. Next week we should have a break from the rain. I’ve set up pots for seeds, bought my potting mix and look forward to some quality planting time.