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Green hills
January 18, 2010, Monday,2:46 pm
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The rainy weather has put the green back on our hills. Beautiful during this time of year to see them. With predictions of a week of rain, we should keep the green for a good while.

I sent off my seed order last night. I went a little overboard with the bean order. Dry beans and green. Watermelons–of course! Plus a few flowers — poppies, sunflowers and sweet peas.

The days are getting noticeably longer. I can get home before it is completely dark. Of course, I only have a 3 mile commute. 🙂

Waiting for March 8
February 19, 2009, Thursday,8:16 pm
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Why you ask am I waiting for March 8th? I am so tired of leaving going to work in the dawn and getting home at twilight. Daylight savings starts on March 8th. This means an hour more of daylight in the evening to do gardening or just be outside. It’s been gloomy. We do have a break in the rain until Saturday night so maybe the seeds will be started and weeds weeded.

Last weeks rain was amazing. We had standing water and mud everywhere. I don’t think I have ever seen it quite this pronounced ever. Drying out will take a while.

More stress
February 12, 2009, Thursday,9:44 am
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To use a cliche, when it rains, it pours. A week after my brother’s passing, I found myself sitting in an emergency room with my husband. He is fine now but he spent a night in the hospital and a day of tests. The stress levels do rise sharply. It has been raining off and on now for a few days so staring out the window has been the extent of my gardening.

Tomorrow starts a 4-day house and garden expo near here. I plan to go on the first day as everyone working there will be fresh and excited rather than tired and just waiting for the day to end. Even though it is called “house and garden”, I suspect most exhibitors will be contractors for windows, landscaping, and remodeling rather than true gardening. My favorite garden nursery will be there however, so there is hope of seeing plants.

I’ve managed to pick a handful of sweetpeas that are bravely blooming in the cold, rainy weather. There are many blooms about to open as well. Tonight there may be a freeze so I will have to move the pot under the patio cover along with the orange and lemon tree pots. Brrrr.

Whether weather
January 2, 2009, Friday,7:46 pm
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Not a work day so of course it rains cats and dogs. Just an observation really as we need the rain and the veggies are loving it.

Going to the North country tomorrow for a couple of days. No snow for the first half anyway. If it isn’t too windy, a snowshoe walk or two will be in order. We’ve been venturing out for a couple of years and have really enjoyed ourselves and boy do we sleep well! I love the area and will try to have photos of the trip. I think there will be more snow this year.



October 5, 2008, Sunday,8:59 pm
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It’s been a long time since we’ve had rain here. It was delightful to smell the air after the rain and I think my garden was happy too.

My one pumpkin is almost ready having just a bit of green left to turn. I was disappointed not to have more than one but that was more than my melon patch.  I moved the spot for them this year and I guess the melons didn’t like it. There was plenty of room and water so I’m not sure what the problem was. Bad seeds? Not enough compost/fertilizer? My pictures are not so hot, but the need to document makes me add them anyway. First one is of the main tomato bed.  Not a lot of red yet and time is running out.

Bed #2--Tomatoes

snow peas and carrots

snow peas and carrots

My pumpkin

My pumpkin

More rain
February 25, 2008, Monday,12:09 am
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All the days have been rainy. Not raining times have been at work not home. Next week we should have a break from the rain. I’ve set up pots for seeds, bought my potting mix and look forward to some quality planting time.

February 2, 2008, Saturday,11:25 pm
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I’ve ordered most of my seeds for 2008 from Baker Street Heirloom Seeds.

Included in my order are watermelons of course. I trying some varieties that are new to me and hopefully will be ready earlier than some of the standards. Black-tail Mountain is 70 days; Melitopolski, a Russian variety doesn’t list the number of days, but coming from Russia, one suspects that it will be. Ali Baba is not short, 100 days, but its claim to fame is the flavor.

Tomato selections were Cuor di Bue, Sioux, Old Virginia, Flame (aka Hillbilly), plus some plum varieties.  I have also purchased carrots, okra, baby greens, green beans, black-eyed peas and corn. Corn will be a first. I picked a 5-foot variety. Oh and sunflowers. I had great success with them last summer and they last forever. I picked and picked for the house and still had plenty to please the eye in the garden.

I deciding on what varieties of apples to purchase. I want to try espaliers to cut down on the space requirements.

It has been raining forever here in sunny California so the ground is just as wet as can be.   I do like rain but, it is getting old now.