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2 down, 4 to go
June 12, 2009, Friday,6:34 am
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I had my second round of chemotherapy yesterday. It was mostly okay with the exception of the jumpy legs (aka restless leg syndrome or RLS) . Apparently this is caused by Benydrl so we will use something else next time. I would almost fall asleep and my legs would jump and wake me. I ended up way more tired than I needed to be.

I had a different nurse than last time which was okay but when I asked about side effects reducing after each chemo she told me that some people had an accumulative effect with the fatigue. Not what I wanted to hear at all and not what the doctor told me. Agh. I am optimistically ¬†holding on to the doctor’s version that each time is a little better. I feel fine today and will go to work now. Sunday will be the day that I expect the pains/fatigue to start. We’ll see, eh?

For those few of you that came to my site for a dose of gardening, please forgive me the lapse to garden talk. Consider this the deep, dark winter time for my garden–nothing happening except growing weeds which I’m too tired (depressed?) to go out and pull. I promise to do better in the future.