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In stitches
April 24, 2009, Friday,7:02 pm
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I no longer look like a sister of Frankenstein as my stitches came out today. There is still lots of healing to do but I have at least 3 weeks before any chemo will begin. Emotions are quite close to the surface at this point but I try not to dwell on the dark side.

On my gardening side, my roses are almost ready to break out, irises are ready to be picked and all the trees are green. If I have enough energy, I will try to get the winter squash put in the ground and re-pot the tomato seedlings. If I can work sitting down, I do better than trying to stand. I will bring my camera along and post some flower pictures.

November 11, 2008, Tuesday,11:46 pm
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I had not planned on pruning the two climbing roses that are located in our side yard that leads to the back gate. However, the wire mesh that was holding the bush let go under the weight of the rose branches.

Together with my spouse, we carefully nailed enough of the mesh to the fence so that I could go back and prune out and lighten the load. I opted to prune back quite a bit so that I could give the branches room to go and in the direction of my choosing. I filled the recycling bin to the top and over. I will feel the pain tomorrow.

The neighbor planted a very fast growing tree right against the fence. Many, many leaves fall over onto my side. It is a good news, bad news case. I have to clean up the mess but I can keep the leaves for mulch or the compost bin. The wind generally blows in the direction of my house, so I get lots of leaves! I spent some more time raking up the leaves and putting them in a planting bed.