Watermelon Woman

Lost weekend
June 17, 2009, Wednesday,8:24 pm
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This past weekend was a lost one. Nausea and pains were my best friends. I tried to go back to work on Monday but had to come home. Today was much better although I still get tired very quickly.

On Tuesday, I received a very unexpected surprise gift of a quilt. Something to keep me warm during chemo. My quilter friend and co-worker suprised the heck out of me. I have had nothing but great support from co-workers. bless them one and all.

I had a lovely lunch with my sister. We had lots to catch up on and I miss seeing her more often.

It is good that figs are strong. I actually have some tiny figlets on my 2 year old tree that I planted in a pot. I saw the squirrel trotting off with one of my donut peaches. I hope it gives him a belly ache!

I haven’t been consistent with my poor plants and I’ll be lucky not to lose more than I already have. Only the weeds are happy. I hope for a clean start in the fall when I’m done with all the chemo.

We hope to take a short trip next week. I have some vacation time and it will be put to good use. A little R&R sounds delightful

2 down, 4 to go
June 12, 2009, Friday,6:34 am
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I had my second round of chemotherapy yesterday. It was mostly okay with the exception of the jumpy legs (aka restless leg syndrome or RLS) . Apparently this is caused by Benydrl so we will use something else next time. I would almost fall asleep and my legs would jump and wake me. I ended up way more tired than I needed to be.

I had a different nurse than last time which was okay but when I asked about side effects reducing after each chemo she told me that some people had an accumulative effect with the fatigue. Not what I wanted to hear at all and not what the doctor told me. Agh. I am optimistically ¬†holding on to the doctor’s version that each time is a little better. I feel fine today and will go to work now. Sunday will be the day that I expect the pains/fatigue to start. We’ll see, eh?

For those few of you that came to my site for a dose of gardening, please forgive me the lapse to garden talk. Consider this the deep, dark winter time for my garden–nothing happening except growing weeds which I’m too tired (depressed?) to go out and pull. I promise to do better in the future.

Life goes on
June 5, 2009, Friday,8:42 pm
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Tuesday I went back to work. I feel fine and wasn’t too tired at the end of the week. Co-workers were very supportive and happy that I was back. Surprised too.¬†

My hair has started to fall out. Each brush brings out ten hair from the roots. I have lots of hair which is very fine. Even after 2 days, only I can tell that there is less. I may need to wear scarves for Monday.

One down, five to go
May 22, 2009, Friday,6:56 am
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The first chemo treatment is done. I spent most of the day hooked up to an IV, having my blood pressure checked and waiting for any side effects that might happen. Fortunately, I had no bad effects. Later in the evening, I notice some redness on my face and this morning on my neck and chest. It doesn’t itch, thankfully. I expected some nausea but was able to take my walk and I’m drinking my coffee. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to continue my life and work without too much fatigue and sickness. Wish me luck!

My last chemo will be on my birthday in the fall. That’s okay by me. I could be growing my hair again by the holidays.