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Snowed you
March 27, 2011, Sunday,3:23 pm
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The week included being snowed in and rain. It was very tiring driving to the lake with drenching rain for several hours. Once at the lake, our non-4×4 car couldn’t make it up the hill without putting on the chains. Driving all week with noisy chains was headache-producing.

That the was the only real bad situation for the week. I was able to finish 3 books, watch 3 movies and generally relax and catch up on sleep.

Back to work on Tuesday. There is so much to do with lots of projects. One more day to just not think about it.

The weather was cold but the snow made everything soft and beautiful.

No show on snow
February 26, 2011, Saturday,4:56 pm
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At least for our area, the snow that was so anticipated was a no-show. It was cold but not enough. The timing just wasn’t right. Somewhat disappointed this morning but the sun was magnificent and it was so clean and clear. So, no complaints.

I attended a small gem and mineral show today and purchased some pendants, crystals and stones. It was fun and made me want to take up jewelry-making or rock hounding. It is amazing to see the processing of changing a nondescript piece of rock into a work of art.

There is a pear pie in the oven. I made the pastry dough from scratch and used my granite countertop to roll it out. Works like a charm. Now if I just don’t burn the pie while posting. 😉

No snow
January 12, 2010, Tuesday,7:15 am
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We are back from a snow trip. There wasn’t too much snow however as it never snowed during the full week we were visiting. In fact the temperatures went as high as the 50’s. This made driving a breeze with no chain restrictions at all. We did get some low fog which made driving on mountain streets a challenge. It was still beautiful.

Our doggy is still hospitalized after an operation to remove a 6 inch tumor on her liver. She also has pancreatitis and is refusing to eat. We will visit her again today and hope that will help her appetite. She is 2 hours away from our home so visiting is difficult. She is very strong and I do think she will bounce back from this illness. Her hips are another problem though and I don’t think we have many options. Getting old sucks big time and all we can do is give support and our love.

I’m back to work as well in this new year. There are many challenges starting with a shacky budget and absent leadership. Managers hired to do a specific job are being over-ruled or ignored. I guess that is the same old, same old. Happy new year.

Snowy Mountain
December 9, 2009, Wednesday,6:55 am
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Wow. It has been so unusual to have snow on our mountain peaks. And, even more rare is that the snow stayed for more than one day and was much further down the mountain. Just gorgeous.

For the orange tree? Not so good. I haven’t been able to check up close yet. It will rain for the next few days. I am hoping that there was just enough wind so that the fruit didn’t freeze. It has been many years since the last time we had a freeze and then more than one day. Not a big deal for those of you in the northern areas of the country but boy for this California girl, it has been so cold! Our homes have not been built to withstand frost weather! MPOW (my place of work) has been very colder. Large facilities like the one I work in, can be a real bear to regulate properly. Everyone is bundling up and layering plus gloves and extra blankets. If you don’t have a space heater (I don’t), you never really get warm. Of course, sitting at a computer all day doesn’t help, eh?

Photo was taken at my place of work. The next was from my house.

Sunny and Windy
January 9, 2009, Friday,2:45 am
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The snow is melting here as the temperatures have been as high as 63 degrees on the Carson Valley floor. Of course, most of the clothing brought along are snow-related. Today got very windy at 10,000 feet and has been all day.

I found a great quilt store in Gardnerville. It is very roomy, having expanded to add more space for workshops. The shop is called The Quilt House. On the Kingsbury grade (Hwy 207) there is another shop that I always pop into when in the area. This one is called Fabrics Unlimited.  It is cozier than the Quilt House, but the staff are helpful and friendly and their are books galore.

As we drive along, I look for nurseries and garden shops but there are fewer and fewer it seems. There was a small chain store very near my house which  closed recently. I must now travel 20 minutes or 40 minutes for a full service gardening center. It is almost as hard to find good gardening magazines anywhere, including the garden centers. I will have to brake down and subscribe to a few.

Now, on to trying to upload my photos, which I will post here if successful. [Update: partial success–see photos below]

[rockyou id=130336840&w=341&h=113]

Snow Country
January 6, 2009, Tuesday,6:02 pm
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Snow country is melting. No snow in the forecast for this week. It makes our travel easier but the snow is why we come, eh? All photos are either mine or my dh’s.

View of the lake

View of the lake

Whether weather
January 2, 2009, Friday,7:46 pm
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Not a work day so of course it rains cats and dogs. Just an observation really as we need the rain and the veggies are loving it.

Going to the North country tomorrow for a couple of days. No snow for the first half anyway. If it isn’t too windy, a snowshoe walk or two will be in order. We’ve been venturing out for a couple of years and have really enjoyed ourselves and boy do we sleep well! I love the area and will try to have photos of the trip. I think there will be more snow this year.