Watermelon Woman

Aches and Pains
May 27, 2009, Wednesday,8:32 pm
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The first three days after chemo were uneventful and as noted I could walk and do mostly what I needed to do. Then came the fourth day. I have never been so fatigued. Each step took so much effort. Then the aches and pains started. Sharper than what I expected since they were described as flu-like. This lasted three days. The aches were much less today so that I could generally not think about them and focus on walking across the room to brush my teeth.

Am I complaining too much? If so, I must mention that not being nauseated is great and so fortunate. I cannot imagine adding that to the other symptoms. So, yeah, no nausea! And, I still have my hair so far, another plus.

I am so lucky to have a great family supporting me, stepping in and taking over when I cannot. I love them dearly.