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September 7, 2010, Tuesday,12:22 pm
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This was one of the best Labor Day weekends in a long time. We flew to San Diego to  visit my son and his new condo. Unbelievably he did some painting himself. Not my colors for sure, but it isn’t my place. We attended an alumni game (3-3) and a very competitive soccer game with our side winning 3-2. It was a nail-biter!

We also spent most of the day at Balboa Park which is a jewel. No parking or entry fees. Lots of parking available. That always starts the day off nicely. There really is something for everyone. A beautiful playground, botanical garden, museums, restaurants and my favorite, the artist colony. We can watch the artists at work and buy something if you like.

Monday, before our flight home, we spent time at the new condo with my son’s friends and family from the other side. Interesting to watch my husband and his ex-wife chatting about old times. I met my son’s sister (long story and not for here) and her son and talked about everything.

Both flights were down-right easy for this woman who hates to fly. It is becoming less scary since I realize that one can get hit by a bus, or get cancer etc. You never know and so now I worry less about a crashing plane. LOL

Oh, and I had a birthday too.  A. Big. One. You know, the kind with a “0” in it. Again, the alternative isn’t good so I’m embracing the time. Had cake, flowers, etc. and lots of family to share the time with.


July 3, 2008, Thursday,6:02 pm
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Yikes, I thought high 90’s was hot. No sister, try 115. Palm Springs is very hot in July. I can’t image what it will get to in August, 120?   It is hard to move at all. Getting into a card is hazardous. You would give your soul for a tree or overhung under which to park. We went up 5000 feet to escape for a day. Iydlewild is about an hour away from Palm Springs, on a scenic road trip. Lovely.  Leaving tomorrow for blissfully cool at 75-85 and dipping into the 40’s at night. Yes!

I’m missing my garden but have family to watch over it. The weather has been in low 70’s at home so there will probably not be too much growth by the time we reach home.