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In stitches
April 24, 2009, Friday,7:02 pm
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I no longer look like a sister of Frankenstein as my stitches came out today. There is still lots of healing to do but I have at least 3 weeks before any chemo will begin. Emotions are quite close to the surface at this point but I try not to dwell on the dark side.

On my gardening side, my roses are almost ready to break out, irises are ready to be picked and all the trees are green. If I have enough energy, I will try to get the winter squash put in the ground and re-pot the tomato seedlings. If I can work sitting down, I do better than trying to stand. I will bring my camera along and post some flower pictures.

February 2, 2009, Monday,6:07 pm
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I planted a Donut Peach tree on Sunday. Digging a big hole got out some frustration and stress from the past few days.

The plan is to work the peach tree in an espalier. I have always enjoyed the look and doing an espalier will give me added space for other plantings. There is still a Lady apple that I want. It is very hard to find them as they are rare and there are not many nurseries that grow them.