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Windy night
November 29, 2009, Sunday,3:37 am
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Or, how I came to be up at 3 a.m.

I have found that the Saturday night before I go back to work after being off for a few days is likely to be a rotten sleep night. Of course, high winds outside are a contributing factor as well. Really weird weather for the end of November. It was very warm today (70 F) and even tonight was not as cold as it has been getting. This kind of wind usually means a change to the weather in the coming week.

The fact that I have a doctor’s appointment on Monday may be a deterrent to sleep as well. I find out the result of the lab work. This will be my first 3 month check-up (after chemo). To say I’m terrified would be accurate.


Thinking about Weather
March 1, 2009, Sunday,2:59 pm
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backyard-0651I heard that Texas has mostly 90 degree temperatures today. That’s a little warm for March, isn’t it? Anyway, I’ve been thinking about weather lately. Not specifically what is happening outside, but the idea of weather and how it impacts our lives. For those of us that watch the Weather Channel when there is nothing else on, we are captivated by rain, sleet and snow; hurricanes and tornadoes; droughts and tsnamis.

Is there a connection that goes back to our earliest human times? I think so. We don’t control the weather. It can be our friend for fruits and veggies but also the savage and relentless god that comes in the form of ghastly weather. Farmers and ranchers are more in tune with the weather and its potential than the average city dweller. Dry farming relies on whatever rain comes to the fields for water.

Many animals migrate to the rhythm of the changing seasons. Or hibernate during the cold winter months such as the bears do. Only the human tries to ignore or even control the impact of weather on their lives. We can dress ourselves warmly or cooly. The same with our homes. But there in the back of our minds, we know that “mother nature” can patiently wait for the time and place to rip our confidence way with the wind, rain or flood.

We even talk about “earthquake weather”. Dismissed by scientists as old tales, the fact that we have named it such, says something about the way we perceive weather and our environment. I do wish we could have weather that would predict a quake. Here in California it would be a miracle.

As I write, the wind and rain still claim the day as winter. But there are buds on many of the trees and the promise of spring is here.

Sunny and Windy
January 9, 2009, Friday,2:45 am
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The snow is melting here as the temperatures have been as high as 63 degrees on the Carson Valley floor. Of course, most of the clothing brought along are snow-related. Today got very windy at 10,000 feet and has been all day.

I found a great quilt store in Gardnerville. It is very roomy, having expanded to add more space for workshops. The shop is called The Quilt House. On the Kingsbury grade (Hwy 207) there is another shop that I always pop into when in the area. This one is called Fabrics Unlimited.  It is cozier than the Quilt House, but the staff are helpful and friendly and their are books galore.

As we drive along, I look for nurseries and garden shops but there are fewer and fewer it seems. There was a small chain store very near my house which  closed recently. I must now travel 20 minutes or 40 minutes for a full service gardening center. It is almost as hard to find good gardening magazines anywhere, including the garden centers. I will have to brake down and subscribe to a few.

Now, on to trying to upload my photos, which I will post here if successful. [Update: partial success–see photos below]

[rockyou id=130336840&w=341&h=113]

July 3, 2008, Thursday,6:02 pm
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Yikes, I thought high 90’s was hot. No sister, try 115. Palm Springs is very hot in July. I can’t image what it will get to in August, 120?   It is hard to move at all. Getting into a card is hazardous. You would give your soul for a tree or overhung under which to park. We went up 5000 feet to escape for a day. Iydlewild is about an hour away from Palm Springs, on a scenic road trip. Lovely.  Leaving tomorrow for blissfully cool at 75-85 and dipping into the 40’s at night. Yes!

I’m missing my garden but have family to watch over it. The weather has been in low 70’s at home so there will probably not be too much growth by the time we reach home.

June 21, 2008, Saturday,6:40 pm
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Whoa. Living in California means, for some, no right to complain about the weather. But if you are accustom to low 70’s and are dealing with 100 degrees, I do think it’s okay to say it is fairly miserable. Most of us do not have air conditioning in our homes and after a couple of hot days as we have been having, the house is hotter than outside. If you have two stories, all the heat rises and you sleep on the couch down stairs. You are sweating when all you are doing is typing on the computer. ugh.

I know we are experiencing nothing when compared to the floods and tornados. I wish everyone the best.

The good new about the heat is that the garden loves the heat. I can see growth everyday and some of my tomatoes are starting to turn. The apricots ripened in about 2 days and all are picked. Most were given away, but we have a few left for munching. The tree is 30 years old and has begun to give us less fruit. In some ways that’s fine because we have trouble reaching the high fruit and can’t possibly use it all anyway. The oranges can stay on the tree until we want to eat them.

More pix next time.

February 14, 2008, Thursday,4:34 am
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Yeah! We have seen the sun. After weeks of rain it feels good. I’m sure the weeks out back appreciate  the sun too. I missed out on a great weekend being really sick from a prescription reaction. All better, I think, so next weekend I hope to send some quality time outside. And it is a three-day weekend too! Happy BD to GW.

I enough seeds bought that I am going to try sowing directly and setting up the little pots for transplanting. I’m hoping to have lots of veggie seedlings to give away for Mother’s Day. Well,  give them to my sister  who lives nearby. She grows great tomatoes.