Watermelon Woman

Soreness is settling in
February 7, 2009, Saturday,8:08 pm
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Oh yes. After weeding for a long while, I’m sure the soreness will be with me for at least 36 hours. It is still a good feeling to have done most of the veggie patch weeding. I still have some asparagus to plant and maybe the potatoes. It will be raining more this week which is great for weeding, less so for planting. We desperately need the rain so no complaints.

Muscle aches
February 20, 2008, Wednesday,4:39 am
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Oh boy. I filled the huge green recycling bin with weeds, branches and miscellaneous dead plants on Monday. I am paying the piper with sore muscles, but feel good about accomplishing much on the way to getting the garden ready for planting.

Next up: potting the seeds!