Watermelon Woman

October 29, 2010, Friday,12:17 pm
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Unripe tomatoes

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The conference is over and I’m back home. I took a couple of extra days so I could recoup. My title for this post comes from the “lessons learned” category. I was watching my email this week while at the conference, of course. But once home I should know better than to look at emails.

Something always seems to come up that would be better handled while at work. These two days were no exception. I have a kind of job that everybody else seems to think they can do better. Without discussing anything with me, they send out messages about my project as if they were leading it. I know I’m being vague here. But I also want to keep my job.

I am the first to admit that my “department” needs more than just me in it. The work load is such that not everything is not perfectly or done in the order that others think is best. I am trying to shake off the crabby mood that this has put me in.

It is supposed to start raining today but so far it just grey out. I still have some tomatoes and although they look stringy, I hate to pull them with all those green tomatoes on it. The resident groundhog or mole has eaten much of the garden that I planted this summer and then went on to eat the seeds I planted this Fall. It is very discouraging. On top of that, we have been invaded by a rat family. We have traps everywhere and every few days catch one. They are huge. We haven’t figured out where they are coming from but they did prompt a cleaning out of the pantry and placing non-can items in containers that cannot be chewed through. Since have a dog and occasional kitty visitor, we do not want to put out bait. And I thought the weather paragraph would cheer me up! LOL.

I am missing my sister who is off to visit grandchildren across the US. She is gone for two weeks. Lunch is waiting until all her transplants are done. Might be a long time. sigh.

I think I will go have lunch. Maybe a nice tunafish sandwich.


Life goes on
June 5, 2009, Friday,8:42 pm
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Tuesday I went back to work. I feel fine and wasn’t too tired at the end of the week. Co-workers were very supportive and happy that I was back. Surprised too. 

My hair has started to fall out. Each brush brings out ten hair from the roots. I have lots of hair which is very fine. Even after 2 days, only I can tell that there is less. I may need to wear scarves for Monday.

September 4, 2007, Tuesday,7:04 pm
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It’s been a while, eh? I haven’t had much time to think about this blog, much less write anything coherent that others might be interested in reading. I’m a boring person generally. Working at my professional and working at home. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

The last two weeks I have been caring for my ailing spouse, hospitalized for 12 days after emergency surgery. I was happy to bring him home to recuperate. At least work has been on holiday time and I have some vacation as well. I’m happy that we are on the way to having our “regular” life again.

I cannot remember the last time I worked in the garden. Most of my time has been at the hospital. I did get to eat some home-grown watermelon this summer and I have saved the seeds for next year.